Hi! I’m Lee Jackson – former family and consumer sciences teacher, now writer about food and family issues, with an emphasis on child nutrition. This website is about getting kids to eat right.  This is one of the biggest responsibilities parents,  caregivers and parenting professionals have in educating children and setting good examples.

We need to teach kids to love good food and help direct them in what is meant by “good food”. There are certainly lots of consumable products out there. All of these are not the kind of foods kids, or adults, for that matter,  need.  I will work to do whatever I can to help families learn to live happier, healthier lives.

I love to research and write about food and family living.  Back in the ’80’s I started my publishing company,  Images Unlimited Publishing,  with a nutrition/exercise program. This was an outgrowth of my personal interest in the health and wellness field. Later I went on to publish cookbooks and books for children.  I’ve been especially interested in apples and how important they are to our diets. From this interest I wrote two apple cookbooks and have added other apple related books. You can see the entire catalog by going to http://www.imagesunlimitedpub.com

I now have a large collection of books promoting family well-being through knowledge and skills.  These books appeal to cooks and apple lovers, families, teachers, and parenting professionals.  I invite you to look and shop for books here at http://www.imagesunlimitedpub.com. Choose our award-winning childrens books and cookbooks from this collection.  Use these childrens books and apple related books in your home and school curriculum. Order from the site or from Amazon.com.

By all means, type in your name and email in the box on the Home page under FREE report on helping children learn through their 5 senses. This special report, Kids Cooking Activities Using the Five Senses: Taste, Smell, Sight, Hearing, and Touch, helps children become more aware of their five senses through fun and educational activities. Food is a great motivator and can be an effective teaching tool.

I also invite you to get my e-book on How to Solve Your Child’s ‘After School Munchies’ the Healthy Way – with Easy Recipes and Ideas“. This way you can encourage kids to prepare healthy snacks through these nutritious recipes. It gives children an appreciation of their own fast, healthy food they can prepare at home.

When your children come home from school, these recipes will help ease the question of “What’s there to eat?”  The recipes are simple and easy to make, even for young children. Others can be prepared in advance and are ready when the kids burst through the door after school “starving to death.”

Isn’t it time to incorporate healthy and delicious snacks into you and your children’s lifestyle?

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