Finally, Healthy Snacks Your Kids Will Love To Eat And Prepare, That Will Also Make Them Smarter!

From: Lee Jackson
RE: Getting Your Kids To Eat Right

Food is not just for filling you up, it also serves to nourish and sustain you. With the active lifestyles we all enjoy these days, making sure we eat the right foods to give us energy and fuel for our bodies is more important than ever. But what about the kids that just won’t eat foods that are good for them? With all of the fast food distractions and the processed foods with dangerous additives, it may seem overwhelming at times. Have you given up on trying to get the children in your life to eat right, and need help with snack time?

Food Is Meant To Nourish And Sustain Us – Not To Just Fill Us Up

With so much unhealthy junk food available, the challenge is to get our kids involved with the entire process –
choosing, preparing, and eating foods that are both healthful and delicious.

You may think raw vegetables are the answer, but did you know there are about forty different substances to build muscles, bones, skin and other parts of the body?  This is just one of the topics I share in great detail in my new e-book, "How to Solve Your Child's Munchies the Healthy Way - with Easy Recipes and Ideas".

Your Kids Will Absolutely Love Getting Involved With Planning And Preparing Their Own Snacks

Children love the idea of more independence, and what better way to show them you know they are ready for more responsibility than allowing them to cook and prepare food for themselves? Snacks represent a significant part of your child's diet, and when they get on board with deciding what they will eat, you will be able to see the difference right away.

These Recipes Are Quick And Easy To Prepare - Even For Very Young Children

  • Lots of healthy and nutritious choices so that better nutrition becomes fun and gets them started on a life-long path of making good food choices.
  • Everything can be prepared quickly so that the snacks are ready after school or anytime your kids get hungry. This prevents the usual reaction of reaching for a quick fix of high calorie, high fat and/or carbohydrate foods.
  • Preparing their own healthy snacks gives your child responsibility for what they eat.  Children are more likely to eat and enjoy food they have helped prepare.
  • Cooking with your children teaches them both the value and the enjoyment of eating the right foods.  Involving children in food preparation activities not only helps children learn to cook but provides them with many other learning experiences.  What better way is there to learn math and science concepts, nutrition, new vocabulary words, and social skills, than through something they enjoy doing?
  • Spending quality time with your children while doing productive workhelps both you and your child accomplish goals. Your child is learning skills and interacting while you are both preparing food for the family.  This is a win-win situation,  as you and your child are
    • spending quality time with each other
    • establishing meaningful food traditions that enrich family life
    • accomplishing worthwhile tasks

Solve Those "After School" Munchies Now!

Encourage kids to prepare healthy snacks through these nutritious recipes.
Give children an appreciation of their own fast, healthy food prepared at home.

When your children come home from school, these recipes will help ease the question of  "What's there to eat?"  The recipes are simple and easy to make, even for young children. Others can be prepared in advance and are ready when the kids burst through the door after school "starving to death."

Both boys and girls want to be healthy and have more energy. Even from a young age they are concerned about their body image. Snacks are an important part of a child's food pattern.  Help provide your children with healthful food that nourishes their body.  It's up to parents and caregivers to improve their children's nutrition.

Isn't It Time To Incorporate Healthy And Delicious Snacks Into
Your Busy Lifestyle?

It doesn't take hours of planning and preparation to give your kids the healthy foods they want and deserve. You can get started today, and beginning a whole new chapter of learning and fun with your entire family. The recipes represent all of the major food groups. This means that you know your kids will be getting both a healthy and a balanced variety of food choices. They may just surprise you by deciding they now like foods they used to refuse eating!

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Order Your Guide to Snacks for Children Now

Why Is This So Important Today?

Studies show that today's children, both boys and girls, are more concerned about body image and health than ever before. As parents, grandparents, and caregivers we have the ability to help our kids with this crucial part of their life experience. Make this a fun part of your daily routine and the children in your life will benefit for the rest of their lives. Order this e-book filled with over a month's worth of snacking ideas and recipes for just $7.00 if you order today.

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Here's to the health of you and your family,

Lee Jackson, CFCS
Food and Nutrition Specialist

P.S. Don't delay. Now is the time to teach your kids about healthy eating.

Some of our Happy Users

"Quick and Easy to Follow!"

What a helpful  idea!  We’re all looking for more healthy eating alternatives for our children and grandchildren.  This E-Book  does just that!  All the recipes are quick and easy to follow.  I especially like the way the recipes are organized by food groups.  Our favorite is Apple and Raisin Oatmeal Cookies.  I can now bake cookies with my grandchildren and know that in addition to a fun afternoon, they’re having a healthy alternative to baked goods loaded with fat and sugar.

Sonia Holt